Shrewsbury Park Residents' Association

Chair's Welcome

A warm welcome

 On behalf of the Shrewsbury Park Residentís Association Committee, welcome to the Shrewsbury Park Estateís website. 

We hope to continually develop the website for the benefit of residents of the Shrewsbury Park Estate.  At its heart, the website will be a source of information about the Laingís Estate, its history and the Conservation Area that was designated to preserve and enhance it. 

Newsletters will continue to be published two or three times a year to keep residentís informed.  The website will be developed and build on greater historical information about the heritage of this unique, Art-Deco Estate that is situated in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

Shrewsbury Park Residentís Association 

The Shrewsbury Park Residentís Association has been in existence at the Shrewsbury Park Estate, Shooters Hill, since the Estate was first built in 1935.  The Residentsí Association evolved throughout the thirties and the war years, and continues to go from strength to strength today, run by residents of the Shrewsbury Park Estate, keen to preserve the character of the Estate and to sustain the sense of belonging to something unique. 

I feel privileged to Chair such an organisation, and with the support and dedication of the Association Committee, will continue to serve the residents of the Shrewsbury Park Estate. 


Robert Million

Chair, Shrewsbury Park Residentsí Association


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