Shrewsbury Park Residents' Association

Council owned kerb-side verge maintenance position statement


Dear fellow resident, 

This position statement has been prepared further to discussions at the Associationís 2011 Annual General Meeting and Committee meetings.

The Residentsí Association Committee does not support the idea that the Association should organise residents to undertake maintenance and litter picking of the Council-maintained roadside shrub beds, greens and verges. 

The Committee feels that it should explain its position on these matters and the rationale for it.


















In summary, the Associationís role is to ensure those responsible for carrying out the maintenance of the Estate do so and not for organising already hard-working residents into Ďwork-aroundí arrangements to cover these activities. 

The Association wishes to stress that it is not its intention to hold-back good neighbourliness and public spiritedness. 

If residents do have a few hours to spare for horticultural work, they may like to offer to assist an elderly neighbour or other resident living on the Estate who would appreciate help with maintaining their gardens. 

The Residentsí Association Committee is not ethically or legally able to give consent or implied consent by organising residents to work on public roads with power and hand tools and adjacent to moving and parked cars etc..  However, if residents choose, of their own volition, to pick up a piece of litter from their hedge as they pass, this is the choice of, and at the discretion of, the individual householder. 


Robert Million

Chair, Shrewsbury Park Residentsí Association